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The manufacturing unit of JD Group – J D Electrical Products Pvt Limited (JDEP) was established on 22nd December 2010. The state of the art factory is spread over an area, covering approx 70 kattah (1.6 acres)- fully equipped with modern engineering and testing facilities. It is located at Vill. Samali, Bakrahat Road, P.O. Nahazari , PS Bishnupur Dist : 24 parganas (South)West Bengal.


The company manufactures various types of LT & HT Panels, Auto Changeover, Inverters and Servo Voltage Stabilizers. The products are tested and certified under CPRI and NTH. It is an ISO 9001-2008 company under NSIC & SSI (EM-II). JDEP’s products are marketed through its Sales and Associate Network throughout India and abroad. It has successfully executed many critical & prestigious orders received from various esteemed organizations. JDEP believes in providing excellent products delivered on time, with our precise design and engineering, stringent quality check matched with prompt and dedicated after sales service for customer delight.


  • LT Eletrical Panels

  • HT Electrical Panels

  • Servo Voltage Stabilizers

  • Auto Changeover and Current Limiter

LT Eletrical Panels

Electrical Panel is a component of an electricity supply system which divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits, while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit, in a common enclosure. JD Group manufactures Electrical panels a per specifications.


Following are few types of LT Panels manufactured by us


HT Electrical Panels

JD Group is the Core Component Partner of Schneider Electric for HT range. The international standards of full range is available at JD Group works. JD Group is manufacturing cubicles and is integrating the MV COMPONENTS into MV Switchboard. The final Medium Voltage Switchboard is designed, manufactured and tested by JD Group with the help of Schneider Electric MV COMPONENTS.


Medium Voltage Components:

  1. HVX
  2. Easypact EXE
  3. Evolis range of vacuum circuit breakers
  4. LF and SF range of SF6 circuit breakers
  5. CBX/CVX range of Vacuum Contactors
  6. Rollarc range of SF6 Contactor
  7. 12, 24 & 36 KV Load break switches
  8. PIX basic kit / Power Module and relays like Sepam, MICOM, Vamp etc.
Servo Voltage Stabilizers

The Servo Voltage Stabilizer functions to stabilize voltage and counter voltage functions.


Why Servo Voltage Stabilizer is required?

  1. Fluctuation of main supply voltage
  2. Motors draw high current at high or low voltage and this causes burn-outs
  3. At higher voltage power consumption and failure of illumination system increases.
  4. At low voltage illumination suffers
  5. Problem of unbalanced three phase supply
  6. The voltage of three phases in the supply line may not be the same due to uneven load of each phase.
  7. Substantial reduction of performance of the motor and electrical system
  8. Heavy load on motor may result in its burn-out and excessive draw-out of current.


Application Area

  1. Scientific Instruments
  2. Electro Medical Equipments
  3. CNC Machines
  4. Date Processing System
  5. Process Control System
  6. Industrial Equipments
  7. Motors
  8. Radar & Navigational Systems
  9. Color Lab
  10. Electronic Copiers
  11. Offset Printing Machines
  12. Communication Devices
  13. Computers and Calculating Machine
  14. General Office Equipments
  15. Heating, Lighting, Production Equipments



Single Phase Input and Single Phase Output

  1. Balanced Load
  2. Unbalanced Load



  1. Overload Trip
  2. Over Voltage Trip
  3. Phase Reversal Trip
  4. Single Phase Preventer
  5. Audio – Visual Alarm
  6. Surge & Spike Suppressor



  1. MS sheet structure provided with exhaust fan for air cooling.
  2. Oil tank at lower base.
  3. Angle structure framing at the upper part covered with fabricated sheet, gasketed for air cooling.
  4. All the models have wheel type enclosure for easy movement.



  1. Reduction in power consumption
  2. Available in various input / output voltage ranges as per requirement
  3. Controlled and constant voltage
  4. Reduced failure rate of electrical equipments
  5. Reduction in the downtime/maintenance expenses
  6. Improvement in the power factor
  7. Reduction in the MDI (maximum demand indicator)
  8. Immediate response to input transient surges
  9. Energy saver-reduction in power energy wastage
  10. 100% depreciation can be claimed under Income tax rule being Energy Saver equipment
  11. Backed by efficient after-sales service at customer’s door step
  12. Air cooled as per requirement upto 150 KVA
Auto Changeover and Current Limiter

ACCL is a Fully Automatic High Precision System for Efficient Distribution of Individually Controlled Generator Power in High Rise Apartments, Group Housing Complexes, Townships & Residential & Commercial Buildings throughout India.



  1. Total automation at no extra cost & outdated manual system
  2. No restriction on choice of generator power points, no separate wiring required.
  3. Assured available of allotted current
  4. Space saving & wiring.
  5. Fail safe, tamper proof and maintenance free.
  6. Simplifies electrical complexity.
  7. Safeguards generator by gradual loading & precision monitoring.
  8. Fully solid state, using imported precision components.
  9. LED indications of all operating stage.
  10. Wide range of 3 phase & 1 phase models.
  11. Tested at National Test House (NTH)



  1. The ACCL allow unrestricted supply from mains.
  2. When the main supply fails & standby Generator supply is on. It connects the DG power to each consumer in sequence & starts monitoring its load.
  3. The generator current allotment is software calibrated in Amps & sealed in each ACCL as per buyer’s specification & is available on all load circuits.
  4. Whenever the load current exceeds the allotment, power is automatically switched off for 8/10/12 seconds, and then automatically restored when load is minimized


Single Phase ACCL

  1. Maximum 30 Amps
  2. Lighting load only Generator Restricted by the system according to per buyer’s specification
  3. Trip current range 0.5Amps to 10Amps
  4. Factory set and sealed



  1. Micro – processor based
  2. Operating range 150V – 320V, CONSUMES 25% LESS POWER
  3. Automatically increases resetting time to 1-3-10 seconds on sustained overload.
  4. 2 – 10 seconds delayed mains transfer for added safety
  5. Gives PRE-TRIP LED Indication


Three Phase ACCL

  1. Automatic source changeover cum self resetting current limiter primarily for single phase loads (lighting & power) distributed over a three phase (TPN) supply network
  2. The entire generator allotment is available on all three load circuits, and may be used for any load on any phase so long the SUMTOTAL drawing is within limit
  3. Main capacity: 100 Amps



  2. COMMON MODEL for wide range and also for SINGLE PHASE OR THREE PHASE DG INPUT.
  3. Automatically adds the loads on three DG Phases and allows unbalanced load up to specified load limits.
  4. Three phase DG input can be given at the 3 terminals with the option of using surplus allotment of any phase on any other phase.