Project Execution : Turn-key solution
  • In-depth study of 'Job order' and understanding of the scope of work
  • Preparation of Execution schedule / Bar Chart after site visit
  • Smooth & quick mobilization of execution team with an experienced & competent Site In-charge
  • Detail study of ‘GFC’ drawings and interaction with Client / Consultant on technical points
  • Design, Engineering and preparation of necessary 'Shop drawings' & obtaining approval of the same for execution
  • Supply of materials and consumables as per plan
  • Co-ordination & co-operation with other agencies to ensure hindrance-free execution
  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning of various items & systems conforming to relevant standards, Act & Rule, Codes etc.
  • All necessary 'Support & Liasoning' for obtaining approval of installations
  • Necessary 'Support & Co-ordination' with the Service provider
  • Preparation of as-built drawings
  • Handing-over documentation
Operation & Maintenance
  1. Operation
    • Preparation of operation schedule & check list
    • Allocation of suitable operators per shift
    • Maintenance of operation log
    • Reporting of abnormalities to Supervisor for maintenance actions
  2. Maintenance (Routine/Periodic, Preventive & Break Down)
    • Study and understand Items & Systems to be maintained
    • Obtain all drawings and necessary documents
    • Arrange for other relevant documents from manufacturers/suppliers with clients help
    • Preparation of maintenance schedule
    • Allocation of maintenance teams for Routine maintenance
    • Preparation of maintenance report for record
    • Deputation of ‘Special’ teams for Preventive maintenance
    • Submission of post maintenance report
    • Prompt response for Break Downs with experienced Engineers, Specialists and adequately skilled personnel – ‘war footing’ approach
    • All support and co-ordination towards material procurement as & when necessary
    • Detail report with technical reasoning & analysis for cause of failure
    • Suggest for corrections to avoid future break downs and implement corrections if asked for