AMC & QA unit of JD Group provides Quality Assurance and maintenance of electrical systems installed in the projects. The Annual maintenance contract is inclusive of Regular Running Maintenance ,Preventive Electrical Maintenance and monitoring the lighting and power distribution of occupied services (where applicable) areas and facilities.. We follow an extremely seamless bonding with our esteemed bank of clients and predicate a very high work standard and business ethics in coordination with our Development unit.


AMC will be offered for comprehensive care of the electrical system which includes HT/33 KV equipments viz. Transformers HT VCBs, Breaker, Oil Switches, HT cables, HT Earth Station. LT Equipments viz ACBs, MCCBs, Main LT Panels, MV. Dist. Panels, Capacitor Bank Panels; Chiller, Lift, AHU Panels, LDBs, PDBs and LT Earth Station Rising Mains, Bus Ducts. We may undertake Lightning Arrestor system except generator system & pumps system.