Liquid Level Sensor

In the present scenario of solving Housing problem in High Rise building are going to accommodates residents and developers of Govt. joint Ventures, private Organizations need Automatic pump operating with reliability.

This is also necessary in process Industries e.g. steel Plants, Food processing Plants, Soft Drinks Plant, Chemical Plants and Power Plants.

Liquid Level Sensor is an automatic modern pump operation system. The enhances modernized system is free from the maladies of present day. Some LLS cannot give a hassle free service for design problems. But our product is super. Designed, Hassle Free service givice system with indicator to indicate whether power supply is ON or NOT. Overhead. Water level in the reservoir is HIGH & underground water level is LOW. Once installed it operates most faithful monitoring the level of the water. LLS acts in inverse ratio Pump starts with overhead water level LOW and underground water level at reservoir HIGH. It saves power consumption & NO attendant.