Automatic Change Cum Current Limiter

Functional Details:-

A Fully Automatic high precision system. The Auto Change – Over cum Currently Limiter (ACCL) allows unrestricted (metered) suooly form MAINS. After receiving generator power it connects the LINE (unmetered) for efficie distribution (rationed) in multistoried complex (Office, Hotel, Apartments, Commercial Complex etc.) in a sequence and starts monitoring its LOAD. The generator current allotment as Factory-set and sealed each ACCL per buyers specification exceeds limitconuously, the ACCL disrupts supply for 14 seconds gives a Warning and then Automatically restores it. This repeats till overload condition exits. On resumption of MAINS it again automatically changes over.

Special Features

  • Total automation at no extra cost and outdated manual system.
  • No restriction on choice of generator power points, no separate wiring required.
  • Assured available of allotted current, no less no more.
  • Space saving & wiring.
  • Fail safe, tamper proof and maintenance free.
  • Simplifiles electrical complexity.
  • Safeguards generator by gradual loading & precision monitoring.
  • Safeguards generator by gradual loading & precision components.
  • Fully solid state, using imported precision components.
  • LED indications of all operating stage.
  • Wide range of 3 phase & 1 phase models.
  • Tested at “National Test House (NTH)”
  • Blanket guarantee of 2 years with proven field record. These are being extensively incorporated in distinguished projects by eminent architects, consultants & others.